What is it?

Centrally located housing for 8 student leaders, with private bedrooms, 4 shared bathrooms, fast internet, and leadership training in a non-profit student service organization. 

Rent is $425/month; assistance may be available for costs associated with changing leases and/or for highly qualified candidates.

How do I apply?

Send an email to director@cmu.miwesley.org listing 3 non-family-member references with email addresses. One of the three must be a CMU staff person (or educator from a prior school) who can attest to your leadership abilities and potential. 

Who should apply?

We’re seeking students who subscribe to our core values: Openness (to new people and new ideas), Authenticity (behaving the same at Wesley as you do the rest of the week), and Community (investing in good relationships with other residents and other Wesley students). To help strengthen these values, residents are required to spend at least four hours weekly in Wesley activities, including a weekly meal, religious study or worship, and leadership study.

Non-Christians are welcome; there will be some studies in Christianity, but they will not require particular beliefs or religious behaviors. Wesley's religious education is designed to help students develop their own consistent belief set and world view, not to pass on a particular dogma. Wesley does not discriminate on the basis of race, creed, color, ethnicity, national origin, religion, sex, sexual orientation, or gender expression.

What's included?

Life in the Leadership Residence includes:

  • Private 9x12 bedroom
  • Full bathroom (shared with one other person)
  • Fast Internet (60 mbps shared among residents and the Wesley Center)
  • 24/7 access to the Wesley Center, with lounge, fireplace, movie theater, etc.
  • Large screen TV with channel package included (note: the 2018 residents have opted to go without the channel package, for a slightly reduced rent)
  • Full kitchen, large living room area, basement storage, water and trash service
  • Brief daily exercises (5-15 minutes, 5 times a week) in spirituality and leadership
  • Weekly small group meeting discussing daily exercises and debriefing leadership experiences
  • Regular access to Wesley Director Charlie Farnum; occasional presentations by community leaders

Students who serve on staff are paid $12/hour, including a weekly one-on-one with Director Farnum.

What's required?

  • $425/month plus gas and electric, with a ten month lease (students joining now for Fall 2018 may negotiate a shorter lease)
  • Participation in the daily exercises and weekly meeting
  • Christians are expected to attend Sunday morning worship; non-Christians may attend worship (as observers and/or active participants, as they choose) or a non-dogmatic study on some aspect of Christianity
  • Participation in at least one other Wesley event per week of your choice (typically Sunday night dinner - you need to eat anyway, why pay for it?)

Required participation in events, including exercises and weekly meeting, will take no more than four hours per week.

Who leads the leaders?

Rev. Charlie Farnum, PhD, is the director of Wesley and leads the Leadership Residence meetings. Dr. Farnum has wide-ranging experiences in leadership:

  • Creating the introductory Computer Science sequence at Wright State University
  • Pastoring at three different local churches, increasing programming and attendance in each
  • Serving as Founding President of JONAH, a faith-based community organization of over 20 churches and non-profits 
  • Co-chairing the drive to create and pass a Mount Pleasant ordinance prohibiting discrimination based on sexual-orientation, with Dr. Norma Bailey
  • Leading the steering committee that resulted in the Isabella County Restoration House
  • Serving as Director of Wesley@CMU since 2006, building the regular student body from 6 to 60, growing programming from one day a week to several, envisioning and overseeing building of the Leadership Residence, and growing external funding from a few thousand dollars to over $80,000 annually

Where is it?

The Leadership Residence is directly west of the Wesley Center, kitty-corner from Barnes Hall: